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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Getting back on track with my snippets of nonsense

Yeah, yesterday's long, drawn-out post regarding Etsy got in the way of any other chatter I was planning to post. So I will try to get back to that today.

The Day Could Have Started Better
I woke up to two (very small, in the grand scheme of life) bits of bad news. One, is a customer from August who never received her package. The delivery confirmation showed that it was delivered and she's a totally trustworthy person so I guess it's just one of those things.

The other, is that a bracelet arrived to one of my buyers and one of the beads was broken. Of course I feel badly about this, but hopefully those who've come to know Monica and me and our quality standards realize things like this are few and far between. That doesn't really make it any less irksome to me, though. (That's how us perfectionists are... it's a tough road to walk.) In the grand scheme (oh, there's that scheme again!) of things, one or two components that fail in the midst of the millions of components that we use is pretty small potatoes. But it still bothers me. I'm glad, though, when a customer tells me something isn't up to snuff... 'cause it gives me a chance to take a closer look at something I'm using in my repetoire of materials and decide if it was a one time fluke or if maybe something I'm using really isn't up to my rigorous standards.

On the bright side, however, Monica showed me three pieces she completed last night. I charged the camera battery but was just too lazy to take photos. Instead, Mon and I played the DS a little bit, then we snuggled up on the couch (with Bear and all three cats) and watched Intervention.

I have three pieces that are already photographed and hopefully I'll find time today to list them... then Wed or Thurs we can photo the rest. Oh, I really should get the new stuff listed before I head to L.A.

I also have items to put into my shop.

Giving more thought to my upcoming tutorials. I'm thinking I'll keep some of the free ones up, and then I'll supplement those with more elaborate ones that people may (or may not, we'll see) be interested in paying a small fee to obtain.

Jewelry Show
Patrice is going to have one at her place on November 22nd and Alex, Monica, and I will be there with her (thank you, Patrice!). More details to follow. I guess I'd better make sure it's set in stone, though, so I can send out invites to my local customers.

I'm behind on my humor quota. Someone on LE posted this link yesterday and I love it (Monica thought it was creepy):

My latest favorites from http://icanhascheezburger.com

Okay, I'd better sign off now... lots to do today. TTYL!

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