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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

People who leave comments

Chris and Cathleen, you totally made my day. Thanks!

It's nice to know that there are people I like in this world who are still keeping in touch with me. I tend to lose people very easily (I'm guessing it's mostly because I get swept up with every day minutiae and forget what's really important in life).

Thanks for the encouragement on the toggle (in progress), Chris. I think it's rather large, but I can work on slimming down my next attempts. Have you done toggles or clasps in pc? I'd love to see them.

BTW, you and Amanda make a great team. I love the fall jewelry.

Cathleen, you'll have to share with me (if you will) the blogs you read on a daily basis. Are they any I've bookmarked to the right over there? Those are mostly lampworkers, I think. I seriously want to check them out all the time and I don't seem to get around to it. The internet is really a downfall for me... suddenly having so much at my fingertips is just overwhelming.

BTW, how many cats have you? My poor kitties are going through changes this year. And you know how cats LOVE change. I feel badly for them, but when my life changes, so do theirs.

Y'know, when you mention being able to "sense the weight" of what I'm going through these days, it makes me wonder if I'm too open, too upfront about what's on my mind or my plate. I don't usually have issues about being honest, but I don't want to "TMI" anyone to death. Ha ha! And I *really* don't want to come off sounding all complain-y. Ew!

Thanks for the positive vibes, though! :-)

You don't blog anywhere... like REALLY blog, do you? I mean, not that there's a proper formula for blogging, but I mean like journaling... telling us what goes through your mind... that sort of thing. I find you an interesting person and I'd like to know what you think about things.

I wish I could visit you. I feel that the work you do with metal and stone and glass is very much like what I want to do, but have fear in trying. I bet you could make me get over that fear. Maybe it's mostly a fear of the unknown.

Well, anyway... gotta go for now.


BTW, did I ever show this in my blog (can't remember)... it's a set I did as a custom order (shhhh! don't tell anyone)...


  1. :)

    I've been wanting to try toggles, but haven't had the time to experiment yet.


  2. ooops! Forgot to say how gorgeous your custom order set is!!! Love it!

  3. My all time favorite blogger is Kate McKinnon because she posts about her work, her life,and her politics. She shows pictures of her projects AND the beautiful surroundings in Arizona AND pictures of her trip abroad AND video clips that essentially say "The emperor has no clothes".
    go to katemckinnon.com then click Journal
    I do not miss a day.
    Another blogger I admire is Wyanne. She says the heck with the art world, I am doing art that makes me happy ! She shares about her life, following her dreams, her studio, her classes and very much involves her adorable daughter. She also markets her buns off and has such a following!!!
    She also has lots of videos of her making her art... too cool!


    Though it is not a blog per se, I follow Corina Tettingers exploits from her website. Many people have many opinions of her but I admire her for living through the upheavals that mental health concerns can cause in one's life. She was at the top, crashed and burned, got help , redefined herself and glued it all back together.

    I also look at Glass by Sarah


    if nothing else , to look at her beads is the closest I come to taking drugs. I get a buzz. LOL
    her blogging about her trip to murano was amazing.

    Anyhow, you will see that the blogs I love are blogs that show ART as well as LIFE.
    These folks are generous of heart to share with us how their work meshes with their creativity and how the ups and downs are there, influencing all the time.

    So please keep blogging, never fear showing us your real self... even if it is at times in overwhelm. Blogs weave a gentle web between us as we talk about our pets, our studios, our love of sparkly stuff.
    more, more, more!!!

  4. OMG , that is theeeee most beautiful bracelet and earring set I have ever seen. I think the blog date was Sept. 24th. Laura, I think that one is your personal best. WOW! And you I don't know if you remember how much I love vermeil and pink and orange. :) Lovely!

  5. This is beautiful. I also make jewelry too but I can appreciate the beauty of the peoples maker pices. So I my jewelry from the stores too. It soons crazy but if I like it I will by it.