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Monday, September 8, 2008

New earrings, including color change (which I never seem to notice until I'm listing them... argh!)

Paid bills today. Wow, there's a ton! I look forward to (maybe next yet?) not having any bills except things we use in our daily living... like PG&E, water, garbage, etc. And if I'm living in an apartment, I probably won't have some of those individual bills either.

Here's a sneak peak for an upcoming listing...

I need to get a shot of it on my model. :-)

Otherwise, here are the new listings (click on a pic for more info)...

And don't forget to enter the contest for free jewelry or bead photography!

The kids had hockey this weekend... well, Monica only a practice on Friday. But Gabe had a scrimmage on Sunday. It was really fun to watch, but he was sad/disappointed at the end. They tied 4-4.

I think maybe I'll try to list some books and/or things other than jewelry tonight. I have TOO MUCH STUFF in the house and it's moving out way too slowly. I know what one of my main problems is. I am worried that I won't get a fair value for the items. Or worse, I'll get some money and later it will turn out to be something worth much more. Bah! I need to get over that. A bird in the hand ... and all that. Besides, what if $20 is more important to me NOW than $200 is to me ten years from now?

Okay, TTYL!

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