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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Misc... and then I got distracted

My mission today (aside from getting the kids to school and doing my day job) include:
· Putting up a new face on the SRA Jewelry website for the month of September
· Getting as many roster change emails into Marilyn's hands as possible
· Looking back at my emails in "subject" order and trying to deal with some
· Thinking long and hard about "the thing" that's on my mind (hint: woman resource)
· Looking at my bills to see why I have a $600 PG&E bill :-(

Okay, that should be enough for one day, eh?

BTW, deleted several thousand emails today. Cool, huh? It's hard letting go, but really… if there's something I haven't printed, saved to disk, or responded to and it's over a year old… do I really still need it?

Ew gross!
The last batch (don't recall experiencing this befoe) of Ziploc baggies that we bought exude a disgusting plastic odor that attaches itself to the food that's in it. Gross!

They say…
That you can only taste things because you can smell them. And if you closed your nose, you couldn't TASTE the difference between an apple and an onion. I wonder if I should submit this to mythbusters. Ha ha ha! But really, it seems so…. Far-fetched.

I do know, however, that if I close my nose when I take my daily B vitamin it keeps me from gagging and retching over the dreadful taste/smell of the pill. As a matter of fact, I just took one (which made me think of this) and I didn't taste it at all. Hm…

I have some stress and I need to learn how to rise above the negative emotions that engulf me. Maybe I'll write down the three or four things I'm stressing over and then write down the emotions associated with them, and work on ways to detach myself from the emotions while still dealing with the stresses.

Anyway, gotta go now… TTYL! And don't worry about me. Worry is a misuse of imagination.

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