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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

How many times can I type something here and erase it?

I really do struggle with "titles" for these posts. How dorky is that? Ha!

Okay, off to hockey tonight. Mon's team is going to be doing some hardcore skating drills for awhile because the coach wasn't too happy with their performance last weekend. We're not sure how this will affect the goalies so Gabe will go tonight (unless he severely objects) and spend some time with the goalies. Tomorrow, we can look at pads before heading to Vacaville.

I bought Gabe's Dallas ticket today.

I took some photos of new creations yesterday but then didn't have time to edit them, didn't yet shoot them on Mon, and forgot all about one really cool bracelet so will have to add that in when I have a chance (I hate setting up the whole photo set-up for just one piece of jewelry).

The water damage guys are leaving their equipment in the house for a few more days because there's still a lot of moisture down there. I need to contact the insurance company, I guess, too.

Oh, I'd better go call the phone company now... our phone is out of order.



  1. I hope the insurance company does come though with something significant for you. Once upon a time, way back when... I had a house whose basement flooded in a minor way... but nothing was on the floor.. just on shelves and work tables ...but the moisture was horrid. I don't miss owning a house. Broke down ol lady can't deal with floods and such LOL!!!
    I am also having photo issues ... need to have a catchup session. First , though I need to label and stamp a few hundred postcards to my customers advertising a couple of small events I am having next week. OH JOY! The next time someone says "you must have so much fun!" I think I will hand them a camera and a pile of postcards. Mind numbing aaargh!

  2. So wierd! I really thought it was just me, but my titles are the hardest part of my blog! I love your blog though and I ready it all the time!