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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Contests and Stuff

Call for Entries
Here's a heads up for a juried competition (um… aren't all competitions juried?... maybe I just don't know the lingo). I've never applied for a juried show before. I did apply to be part of Trunkt but they said they weren't interested and then closed themselves to jewelry maker applications. Ha ha ha!



Competition Snapshot:
- Deadline for registration and submission is November 15, 2008.
- Competition is open to myartspace members. Membership is free.
- Registration fee is $50, but for early registration by October 15, 2008 the fee is $25.
- Prestigious jury panel to be announced by September 10th to review and judge submissions.
- Fifty finalists will be selected and announced by the jury panel.
- Three winners will have their art represented at Art Basel Miami / Bridge Miami Beach.
- Winners to be announced on November 25, 2008.

Let me know (add a comment!) if you enter an item. Yes, I'm curious like that.

Free Item
After a week's hiatus, I got back to the weekly give-away contest. Got a fun one (I hope) up this time.

I added another blog to my list of interesting blogs (over there on the right). It's The Wire Artisans Guild. VERY cool if wire work interests you.

And, I think I'll go now. Just wanted to mention those few things.


1 comment:

  1. Juried competition means they have jurors from outside their organization. That is normally the meaning.

    Looks like the jurors made their selections as well.