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Monday, September 22, 2008

Catching up... a little bit

Hm. I guess it's been awhile again. I'd apologize, but I think my mom's the only one that reads this (hi Mom!), and she'd understand 'cause she knows how busy I am.

I have some decisions to make soon. Big decisions. I am not overly fond of responsibility and/or decisions. And I'm not sure I can do this job (my day job) for three more years. In the long run, three years shouldn't be a big deal, but we'll see. I foresee big changes before then. I could always try to transfer, though, too... if I moved somewhere else... just get another job with Kaiser... one with less responsibility and about one-third of the pay. At that point, I'd only be working for the benefits package anyway.

My head's been feeling a little pressurized lately (my actual head, not my thoughts). My doctor thinks it may be hormone related. He suggested I look into some herbs to help me through this changing time in my life. Phft! I wish I could remember to take my daily B vitamin. I'll work on making that more routine.

Last weekend I made the ring part of a fimo bar-and-toggle clasp. I need to polish it and make the bar part too.

This morning I started on my Egyptian thing. I wanted it to be a bracelet, but I'm not sure I trust glue to hole charms on a bracelet so I guess I'll make it a necklace. Bummer.

Cleaned up some bead stuff yesterday. I like having my living room at least a BIT organized.

I gave Monica a charm bracelet to work on. I wonder what she did with it. I hope it came out well; I'd like her to make more of that style.

I made all of one bracelet this past weekend. That would normally seem pretty pathetic, but I cut myself some slack since I don't feel on top of the world right now.

I did finish a pair of earrings with an exquisite pair of Tourmalinated Quartz briolettes in them. I just want to change one more thing and then I can get them ready to photo.

More cats?!
Yes, a new little one showed up at our house last week. She's gone now... gone as mysteriously as she arrived. But gosh she was a sweetheart! Totally loving.

I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix yesterday. Hadn't seen it before. Now I'm watching The Chamber of Secrets. If I *have* seen this one, it was maybe only bits and pieces.

Last week we finished reading the final Harry Potter book. Next on the list is Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.

The girls (Patrice, Alex, Marilyn) are helping me set up a system so things run more smoothly in the future. Thanks!

Okay, going to go update that now...



  1. Hi Laura! Not your Mom, but I do pop in sometimes to see what you're up to. Can't wait to see the togle. I think you should do more pc...you have a natural talent for it. :)

    Hope all the life changes work out well.


  2. Laura... I do read your blog , too... I read several blogs of other jewelry artisans pretty much every day... I live alone with my cats and my jewelry work ... so peeking in at how others integrate their creative lives with their daily living interests me and helps me cope a little, too.
    It is easy to sense the weight of what you are going through these days.... sending positive thoughts your way.

    Cathleen (Mysticafelicity on Ebay and Etsy)