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Friday, August 29, 2008

Reynolds Wrap and Tao

Did you know that packages of aluminum foil, wax paper, saran wrap and others have "things" that you push in on the sides that hold the roll of paper in place in the container so you can smoothly pull out what you need and tear it? How come I don't find this out until I'm 47?!

One thing I like about Taoism is that it is "a system of thought that tolerates a wide variety of outlooks and accepts that no final authority on which is correct." (Toropov and Hansen)

BTW, the idea of "non-action" (which is an oft heard phrase when discussing the Tao and/or wu-wei), doesn't mean inactivity. As Mel Thompson explains it, "Rather, it is action that is undertaken on two principles: no effort is to be wasted, and nothing should be done that is against nature."

And this philosophy gives rise to the idea that if something is a struggle, perhaps it's not the right thing to be doing. Before you jump in here with a "But…!", let me tell you that my "but" is way bigger than any you could come up with. I am really good at playing my own Devil's advocate. I realize there are many things we could throw out there as potential examples of things that aren't easy and yet seem totally necessary to a happy, healthy life path. But what if those things we think are necessary, really aren't? Shrug. I have no answers, only questions apparently.

Sometimes I wonder about all this wondering. I mean, doesn't it seem, if not downright stupid, at least a never ending exercise in futility? Like, the more I know and learn and muse, the more complicated and difficult life seems? As though, the best life would be one in which someone just accepts stuff and doesn't wonder about things not directly in their path? But then I have to say, "So… is someone with a lobotomy better off than someone who has high intelligence (is that the right word) and spends a lot of time in thought and all that goes along with thought?

And is "thought/intelligence" synonymous with mental struggling? It shouldn't be. Just because someone is of higher intelligence (still not sure if that's the word I'm looking for), does that mean they have to spend their life musing about the possibilities and intricacies of life and death and everything between, before and after?

I feel like I'm on a big mission to simplify my life, on many levels. That almost seems in direction opposition to how I've lived, though, for the past… oh, 47 years. I mean, haven't I struggled and strived over the years to attain more wealth, more possessions, more acquaintances, more intelligence, more answers, etc.? And now, I suddenly find myself wanting to be rid of most of it. I want a streamlined life, in responsibilities, possessions, duties, etc. I've started working on it, but it's not a fast process. I think the easiest is by far the "ridding myself of superfluous material items". Other things aren't so easy.

Responsibilities. Hm. Well, I'm still responsible for being a parent, but I don't expect to be supporting the kids after they're 18. I say "don't expect", but I have learned that nothing in life is certain so I don't project ideas in cement.

I'm trying to sort out my responsibilities to the animals.

I've made myself less responsible to grown-ups.

I'm trying to delegate some of the responsibilities I've taken on over the years. I pretty much handed TMB over to Amber, thank goodness. Alex and Patrice are bailing me out on the overwhelming responsibilities of the SRAJD organization.

Well, I tend to get a bit brain-fried when I try to think of heavy-duty things for too long, particularly if I'm multi-tasking at the same time. :-) So… switching gears here for now and will revisit at a later date.

Had more sales from the website this week than from eBay or Etsy combined. Yay! I hope more interested parties soon discover that my prices are ALWAYS less expensive on the website because there's no overhead.

I have some necklaces to photo and list and I'm really excited about them. VERY happy about how they turned out.

In the meantime, though, here are some of the items still available (click a pic for more details):

I got some wire in yesterday, so I think I have to come up with some designs now. I'll be out of the house for most of this weekend anyway, so having a "travel project" or two will be good.

I'm just not used to thinking ahead about what I'm going to create… but I guess I have to force myself. Ha!

Response to Comments
I'm trying to encourage comments to be left in my blog (you listening, Mom?)… heh.

Sharon, I think every month is cleaning month for me. Ha! Except that I can't get ahead. Behind the fridge?! Eek! I think I'll see that when I move out and the fridge goes with me (or not). Until then, I can only imagine that there are about 40 cat toys under there.

BTW, you're far more forgiving with your sentimentalities than I am. I use the "if I haven't used it in six months, it gets tossed" rule of thumb. But remember, we have no climate changes in the Bay Area. In places with real seasons, I've have to go "a year".

Freebie Contest
My apologies. I am behind in some of my tasks so am taking a week off from the contest and will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd.

That's it for now… TTYL!

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