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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Custom Orders

Custom Orders
So, as I'm driving to an appointment with a client I got to thinking about custom orders. I've decided to do a little write-up in an attempt to make things fair to both me and my customers regarding custom orders.

I'll post a link to that as soon as I get it done.

Anyway, only one more thing to do for the wedding order but I'm having a hard time locating the exact bead I need.

I didn't take GOOD photos of the bracelet and earrings that parted my company this morning... I'll post some icky photos later, though, for anyone who wants to see (I know Mom and Monica will always look at everything I make no matter what... such loyalty).

I started the new week's contest today. This time it's some hammered gold s-hooks, like this:

Want to have them? Go here and click on the FREEBIE link.

Mon's at her third day of goalie camp. She's VERY sore. Ha! Poor thing... a week of camp right after 9 days of road trip... ugh!

No stick time for Gabe... they're having a clinic at OIC. That means he's going to Friday's championship game in Redwood City very cold indeed. I wonder if he'll do the warm up before the game. Then Sat and Sun he has the Juniors tryouts. Yikes! ("Yikes" only because he hasn't been on the ice in weeks.)

I think we figured out a way to get Mon to the Vacaville clinic while Gabe and I are in Roseville. A little more driving than originally inteneded, but more together time. The only downside is that I'll miss some of Gabe's on-ice time at the tryouts. :-(

I have a penchant for watermelon flavor so when I saw one of those Mexican sodas downstairs in watermelon I couldn't resist. OMG, I wish I had resisted... it has done a number on my stomach. Oy! And that's only drinking one-third of it. That'll teach me to try junk food. Blah! Anyone sensitive to sorbital knows what I'm currently going through at the moment... I wonder what WAS in there to cause this? Well, I just read the ingredients and there's NOTHING out of the ordinary... but I don't trust that. Hmph!

Two more kittens came into our realm this week (but not our INNER realm). This pic was taken with my phone (hence the size and quality):

The orange one (in the photo with Mon) is VERY friendly. His little sibling is skittish and all black and teeny tiny. Ha! They seem to be living outside a house that's about four houses from us. They did come by to eat with the ferals on Monday, but otherwise they're back to their own lawn (although Monica thinks the people can't possibly care about them if they let these little kittens play in the street).

And for those who don't know much about Ten (one of our indoor cats), here's a pic of him sleeping on my lap (again taken with my phone):

more cat pictures

Okay, I'd better sign off now.


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