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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Bead Show, Online Friends, Selling Venues

Bead Show
Went to Santa Clara bead show. Low turnout, but it hardly matters 'cause I shot my wad at the same vendor booth I always do. Other than that, I picked up a few more things here and there, but I really spent more than I had intended to. Will have to make and list like crazy to recoup.

Probably totally screwed myself for The Gathering, but I am not low on lampwork beads by any means anyway. I just tend to go all crazy and materialistic around beads. Totally gluttony.

Online Friends
At the bead show, met up with Alex, Patrice, Amber (from Wisconson) and Jer (Amber's husband). Goodness... Amber and Jer about as cute as it possibly gets. And they seem so down to earth, too. What a wonderful time I had visiting with everyone.

Selling Venues
I'm beginning to see less and less point having my jewelry at Etsy and RubyLane. The only two places where my jewelry sells are eBay and my website.

Etsy is cheap and I sell nothing. RubyLane is expensive and I sell nothing. Yeah, I think I'll close my stores there today (unless I have a one-year contract with Rubylane... can't remember). But with Etsy, it's not even the no-sales thing that bothers me as much as the management. Sorry... it was a great concept... but there are just so many things about Etsy that gross me out, from the bullies on the forums to the way Etsy doesn't enforce their own rules, that I feel I must leave on principle.

Well, that's it for now. I just wanted to touch base for those who check my blog on a daily basis (thanks, by the way!).

Today I'll be getting orders out, working on the wedding jewelry, and making/listing new items.


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